Cathy Egan Moinester is an experienced writer with over 11 years of full-time employment as Senior Proposal Writer with a Fortune 100 global corporation. Her specialty is creating materials for new markets, educational training materials, start-up companies, as well as managing all communications for trade associations where she held positions as Regional Marketing Manager, Executive Director and Public/Community Relations Specialist. She is a Magna cum Laude graduate of Rutgers University with a B.A. in Sociology, minor in Psychology, and additional college-level accounting, computer science classes, and transpersonal studies. Her background includes extensive training in personal relations, spirituality, negotiation, diverse cultural relations and world philosophies. Combining her extensive training and professional experience with worldwide travel gives her writing the authenticity and variability which bonds with the reader, enhancing their experience and instigating their desire for more. Semi-retired she devotes

her creative endeavors to combining the technical with

the psycho-social to deliver meaningful text on a wide range

of subjects. She is aided in her writing adventures by her

main advice giver and confidant, Dewey/The Big Dew,

a 20-pound abandoned orange tabby that found its way into

her heart and mind when he adopted her.

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